Birdies for Charity presented by TowneBank // 2019

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The Dominion Energy Charity Classic, a PGA TOUR Champions playoff event held at The Country Club of Virginia, James River Course, is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community. The Birdies for Charity program presented by TowneBank is a fundraising platform, operating in conjunction with the tournament, that enables Richmond-area 501(c)(3)s to solicit gifts that will be bonused by 10%. Participating organizations will receive 100% of the funds collected on their behalf (minus credit card fees) plus the additional 10%.

For additional information, please contact Kali Edsall, Birdies for Charity Coordinator for the Dominion Energy Charity Classic, at or 804-234-8845.  

Note: There is a $10,000 cap on the bonus per charity and a $100,000 cap on the total bonus for the program that will be met on a first-come, first-serve basis. This program is operated by PGA TOUR Charities Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

Apr 08 - Oct 20, 2019


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Access Now, Inc.

Access Now bridges the gap to specialty medical care in the community to people who have nowhere else to turn. While the cost of insurance through the exchange is manageable for some, the co-pay and deductible costs continue to be unaffordable for most of our patients. Simply put, access to insurance does not always result in access to care.

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Adult Community Education

Adult Community Education of Louisa County trains volunteers to work one-on-one with Adult Learners.  Learners set their own goals, and ACE volunteers help them achieve them.  After being matched, student and tutor work together to set meeting times and establish a plan to meet their goals.

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ALS Therapy Development Institute

The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) is the world's foremost drug discovery lab focused solely on ALS. As a nonprofit biotech we operate without regard to profit or politics.

Led by drug development experts and people with ALS, our Cambridge, Massachusetts based lab is funded by a global network of supporters unified to end ALS.

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Alzheimer's Association - Greater Richmond Chapter

To eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.  Our vision is:  A world without Alzheimer's disease.

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American Cancer Society

At the American Cancer Society, we're on a mission to free the world from cancer. Until we do, we'll be funding and conducting research, sharing expert information, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention. All so you can live longer — and better.

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Ashland Theatre Foundation

Our mission is to reinvent the classic American movie house experience through exceptional film, live performances and live music. As a not for profit organization, we will deliver a deeper level of engagement through speakers, panels, talkbacks and events that entertain, educate, inspire and are welcoming to all. 

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ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation

ASK was founded in 1975 by a group of parents in the pediatric oncology clinic at MCV (now the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU.)  Today we're Central Virginia's largest and most comprehensive provider of support services for children with cancer and their families.  Our support begins the moment of diagnosis and extends through treatment and beyond.

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Better Housing Coalition

The Better Housing Coalition is the Richmond region’s largest nonprofit community development corporation. BHC creates high-quality homes for residents of modest means and empowers them with programs and tools to help them reach their fullest potential, at all stages of life.

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Better2gether RVA

Better2gether RVA began when close friends had ill children at the same time. Both children began receiving excellent medical care at the same hospital system. One child had a medically complex condition in which non-medical support does not exist. The other was diagnosed with cancer. While their illnesses were very different there were many parallels in the journey. They recognized many discrepancies in the non-medical support available to their families.

Better2gether RVA grew from the desire of both mothers to provide a support system to the families of children with medically complex illnesses in the Richmond community.

The mission of Better2gether RVA is to provide comfort, support, and guidance to families of children with medically complex illnesses, whose needs are not addressed by existing organizations.

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Boaz and Ruth

Boaz and Ruth, Inc. (B&R) is a faith-based nonprofit strategically located in the heart of the impoverished and crime-ridden North District of Richmond, VA. Anchored by a 7500-square-foot used furniture store/training center and related business training ventures, Boaz & Ruth:

  • Provides life/work skills and re-entry assistance for released prisoners
  • Fosters commercial revitalization for the troubled community of Highland Park
  • Bridges culturally and economically disparate communities within the Richmond metropolitan area

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Boots to Suits

Boots To Suits provides complimentary interview and career apparel to transitioning Vets, Wounded Warriors or their spouses who are moving from their military careers into  civilian  employment. We do this through a voucher system distributed by and in partnership with the Virginia Dept of Veteran Affairs, Petersburg Freedom Center, the Virginia Employment Commission, Virginia Dept of Transitioning Veterans, and McGuire's Hospital "Star Program". 

The outfitting is done at the Junior League of Richmond Clothes Rack in Richmond, Virginia.

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Byrd Theatre Foundation

The Byrd Theatre Foundation, the owner of the Byrd, was established in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Its mission is to expand the big screen experience, celebrate the art of cinema and preserve Virginia’s grand motion picture palace, with a vision to elevate the Byrd’s landmark position among American theaters as a center for film that continues to provide the broadest possible public access to exceptional cinematic experiences.

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C2Adopt (formerly coordinators2inc) is a non-profit, Virginia-licensed agency offering training and education, placement and supportive services to anyone whose life has been touched by adoption. The agency's unique approach to adoption is reflected in the range and types of services we offer and the lifetime partnership we provide to adoptive and birth families and adoptees.  

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Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation

Our mission is to fulfill Cameron's dream and legacy by being a positive force that works to cultivate awareness and understanding of teenage depression and anxiety.

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Capital Region Land Conservancy

Our mission is to conserve and protect the natural and historic land and water resources of Virginia’s Capital Region for the benefit of current and future generations. We achieve our goals by partnering with individuals, businesses, other non-profit organizations, and state and local government agencies.

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Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts, Inc.

Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts, Inc. (C.A.R.E.) is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to the rehabilitation, care and adoption of cats and kittens rescued from euthanizing animal shelters in Richmond, VA and surrounding areas.  And, accepts on a limited basis, animals from alternative sources.  We are committed to the highest principles of humane care and obtain professional medical treatment for all animals in our systems.

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Challenge Discovery Projects

Challenge Discovery Projects provides direct services to over 1,600 at-risk youth in Richmond.  We are committed to improving the emotional health and well being of children and their families through programs that promote self-worth and positive, healthy relationships. Challenge Discovery Projects supports its mission by providing school-based and community programs for youth that address emotional health, bullying prevention, substance abuse treatment and trauma counseling. Currently our Say It With Heart Bullying and Violence Prevention Program is taught in 9 Richmond schools.

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Chesterfield Food Bank

We proudly serve a variety of our neighbors, the majority of whom do not qualify for government assistance. These include:

  • single mothers working to try to put food on the table
  • senior citizens surviving solely on social security
  • veterans on disability
  • young couples just starting out
  • people who have just been laid off from their job.

In cooperation with local Social Services, we are locating and helping those families and individuals that would not have been helped otherwise.

We serve 1,800 people a week  through six different programs in Chesterfield county. These programs include:

  • Food on the Move
  • Kids Summer Food Program
  • Jefferson Davis Hot Meal Program
  • No Senior Hungry
  • Pantry Partners program
  • Our main distribution every Friday Night in Chester, VA

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Chesterfield Historical Society of VA

The Chesterfield Historical of Virginia held its first meeting on September 23, 1981, at the Central Library.  The Society started with 258 charter members.  Today, membership has grown and continues to hold quarterly meetings and newsletters.  Chesterfield Historical Society serves as the center for the county history resource.  The Society is a volunteer-based organization that offers numerous programming and events free to the community and the surrounding areas.  

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Children of Restaurant Employees, Ltd.

CORE grants support to children of food and beverage service employees navigating life-altering circumstances. In times of extreme strain brought on by family death, injury or diagnosed medical condition, loss of home, or other sudden or extreme circumstances, food and beverage families can become overwhelmed financially and emotionally. CORE is the nationally recognized community of support for all food and beverage service families in need by ensuring they feel cared for and valued.

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Children's Home Society of Virginia

Children’s Home Society of Virginia is a full-service, private, nonprofit 501(c)(3), non-sectarian licensed child-placing agency, and one of Virginia’s oldest adoption agencies. Since our charter by the Virginia General Assembly in 1900, CHS has been guided by the fundamental belief that every child deserves a home. To date, CHS has successfully facilitated placement of more than 13,500 children into safe and permanent homes – that’s enough to fill every seat at The Diamond, and still leave several hundred people standing in the aisles!

CHS’s mission today is to find permanent adoptive homes for children of all ages throughout the commonwealth, and to provide critical support services to birth families, adoptive families, and past and present adoptees. Our full spectrum of programs and services includes working with the departments of Social Services to find permanent homes for the over 700 children in Virginia available for adoption right now, and impactful ongoing post-adoptive counseling to maintain successful families after adoptions have been finalized.

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Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU

Children’s Hospital Foundation is dedicated to funding and advocating for pediatric initiatives that improve the status of health care and the quality of life for children in our region. The Foundation provides support for the programs of Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) and the many children it serves each year.

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Children's Museum of Richmond

Since 1981, The Children’s Museum has been inspiring growth in ALL children by engaging families in learning through play. Your gift will make a difference supporting essential mission efforts such as… supplying of items and books in our exhibits, recruiting and training volunteers, teacher and staff salaries to coordinate and teach SOL-based field trip programs for thousands of children whose families cannot afford to pay, and purchasing additional materials for the Art Studio to ignite children’s creativity.

Please consider becoming an advocate for early childhood education and building school-readiness skills right here in our community. Your support makes a difference in children’s lives! Thank you!

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ChildSavers - Memorial Child Guidance Clinic

At the core of ChildSavers’ mission is a fundamental commitment to the mental well being of children and the positive bond between adult and child. ChildSavers supports this with clinical treatment and education and training services. These services offer reassurance, healing, and the skills necessary to achieve normal life and development.

ChildSavers was founded in 1924 by Martha Patteson (Mrs. Melville C.) Branch in memory of Dr. McGuire Newton. Dr. Newton was one of Richmond’s first pediatricians. Originally established to serve our region’s children during a worldwide flu epidemic, ChildSavers soon turned to addressing the mental health and developmental needs of children. Today ChildSavers mission specifically focuses on supporting those who have experienced trauma.


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Circles Ashland

An innovative, community-based approach to solving poverty

We believe that responsibility for both poverty and prosperity rests not only in the hands of individuals, but also with societies, institutions, organizations and communities. Our approach is a progressive model grounded in research that shows families must have strong social capital and connections (relationships and resources) with their communities in order to improve their economic situation and overall quality of life in their neighborhoods.

The Circles® Framework: Circle Leaders, allies, and a diverse array of community members gather in five collaborating teams to understand, engage with, and sustainably resolve poverty.

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Circles RVA

Circles RVA offers a relationship-based model to empower individuals and families to permanently move out of poverty and thrive by engaging the strengths, goodwill and existing resources of the community and focus on the collaborative ownership of solutions to break the cycle of poverty.

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Cobb Imprint

As the charitable arm of Cobb Technologies, Imprint's mission is to seek out and assist unheralded causes that provide relief for at-risk and impoverished youth in our community. By leveraging Cobb Technologies' resources and status in the business community, we hop to usher these causes into the spotllight and lend them a voice to be heard. 

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Anyone can code. Every Virginia child should have the opportunity to learn. Currently fewer than 10% of Virginia schools offer computer science courses. Meanwhile more than 70% of STEM-field jobs are Computer Science jobs. At CodeVA, we teach kids to code.

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Communities In Schools of Chesterfield

We see the incredible needs within our own community for mentors, volunteers, and supporters who are ready to put forth the effort to partner with the families of our students and the students themselves in order to inspire, nurture, and motivate them towards a bright future.

Our Mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

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Connor's Heroes Foundation

Connor's Heroes is the only non-profit organization in our area working to conquer childhood cancer by providing direct support to families and financial support to research. BE THEIR HERO // GIVE NOW

By supporting Connor's Heroes, you provide a family with:
Hope. We assist families with expenses related to traveling for a second opinion or specialized treatment outside of Central Virginia.
An extra hand. From yard work to delivering meals, we help families live life as normally as possible.
A way for kids to be kids. Backpacks filled with games and activities distract kids from the discomfort of treatment and hospital stays. Brothers and sisters aren't forgotten either. Mentors make everyone in the family feel loved.

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Crater Community Hospice

Crater Community Hospice’s mission is to educate the community on serious illness and end of life concerns and provide families and patients with quality care and supportive services.

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CrossOver Healthcare Ministry

We are called to provide high quality healthcare, promote wellness, and connect community talents and resources with people in need in the name of Jesus Christ.

Originally, CrossOver furnished free legal assistance, help with rent and heating bills, clothing, and medical care to needy individuals and families. The ministry focused on the low-income Church Hill neighborhoods and demand for assistance offered by the ministry quickly snowballed. Buddy and Cullen remember shutting down operations for a day to pray that funding and other resources would continue.

The founders soon came to understand that health care was a “foot in the door“ – a first step in assessing other life needs – and CrossOver began the transition to a medical ministry. A large contingent of volunteer nurses and doctors were inspired to join in the work.

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Fairfax Futures

Fairfax Futures was launched in June 2004 at the Early Learning Is Good Business summit with the goal of raising awareness and building support for quality early childhood education and school readiness in Fairfax County.

Since its inception, Fairfax Futures has partnered with county agencies, Fairfax County Public Schools, area corporations, foundations, community organizations and early childhood education programs to help children enter kindergarten ready to learn, grow and thrive.

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FC Richmond

To encourage, coach and instruct today's youth about the sport of soccer; to develop players to the full potential of their interest, dedication,and physical abilities; to impress upon them the benefits of athletic competition in accordance with team concepts and the rules of the sport; and to foster, promote and conduct amateur soccer competition.

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Feed More

FeedMore is Central Virginia’s core hunger-relief organization comprised of programs like the Central Virginia Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, the Mobile Pantry and Kids Cafe. Spanning nearly one-third of the state, across 34 counties and cities, FeedMore serves more than 200,000 individuals in the region’s most vulnerable populations – children, families and seniors.  Working together to efficiently and effectively fight hunger, FeedMore’s multi-tiered approach and comprehensive programs are dedicated to nourishing the community while empowering lives.  

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes Greater Richmond

FCARVA is part of an international ministry that serves five counties and the city of Richmond with the mission to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.  For more information on ministry programs please visit

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Flying Squirrels Charities

Flying Squirrels Charities is the 501(c)3 charity arm of the Richmond Flying Squirrels. The purpose of Flying Squirrels Charities is to partner and connect the Flying Squirrels brand with the Greater Richmond community in an effort to optimize results from fun and versatile fundraising campaigns to benefit youth in the city of Richmond.

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Friends of Goochland Parks

Friends of Goochland Parks is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer organization whose purpose is to enrich the recreational and leisure opportunities for Goochland County citizens and visitors through its park system and to protect preserve and showcase the parks’ natural and historic features.

Friends of Goochland Parks emerged from a group originally organized as a Task Force of the Goochland Chamber of Commerce who were inspired by this unique opportunity to help residents and visitors rediscover and reconnect to the natural and scenic beauty of the James River, and have served as champions of Tucker Park since its inception.

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Germanna Community College Educational Foundation

The Educational Foundation raises funds to help the college fulfill its mission to provide accessible, quality educational and training opportunities to all students, regardless of financial need.

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Girls on the Run of Greater Richmond

Girls on the Run is a transformational physical activity based positive youth development program for girls in 3rd through 8th grade. We teach critical life skills through dynamic interactive lessons and running games. The program culminates with the girls being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5K running event. The goal of the program is to unleash confidence through accomplishment while establishing a lifetime of appreciation of health and fitness. Our mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. The 20-lesson Girls on the Run Curriculum combines training for a 5k (3.1 miles) running event with lessons that inspire girls to become independent thinkers, enhance their problem solving skills, and make healthy decisions.  All of this is accomplished through an active collaboration with girls and their parents, schools, volunteers, staff and the community.

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Gleaning For The World

We utilize donations from corporations and industry; re-purposing misprints, over-production and high quality surplus to help those in need. 

We are keeping valuable resources out of the landfill and providing them to people in need. This allows us to simultaneously help hurting families, help the environment and free up business resources to reinvest in the American workforce. 

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Goochland Pet Lovers

Our mission is to enrich the culture in Goochland County by promoting animal welfare through protection, adoption, community engagement, and education.

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GoochlandCares programs have been a safety net for our community since 1952. The mission of GoochlandCares is to provide health care and basic human services to Goochland residents in need. GoochlandCares envisions a Goochland community where everyone’s basic human needs are met.

GFCFS is the only organization in Goochland that provides a safety net for those needing assistance with immediate food, housing, health, safety, and other basic needs.

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GRASP (GReat Aspirations Scholarship Program,Inc.)

GRASP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable, college-access organization that assists students and families in obtaining funding for post-secondary education.

GRASP will help students and their families, regardless of their financial resources and at no charge to them, develop an educational plan by:

  • Assisting them with the financial aid process;
  • Awarding and administering scholarships;
  • Inspiring them to believe that secondary and post-secondary education are attainable; and
  • Supporting them during the completion of their educational goals.

GRASP’s goal is to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity for continuing education after high school, regardless of financial or social circumstances.

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Greater Richmond Fit4Kids

Greater Richmond Fit4Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving children’s health and reducing the prevalence of childhood obesity in the Richmond region. We do this by offering innovative programs that promote physical activity and healthy eating in schools, community organizations, and beyond.

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Greater Richmond SCAN

Greater Richmond SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) is dedicated solely to preventing and treating child abuse and neglect in the Richmond area. We fulfill our mission through the following goals: 1) To deliver and promote programs that prevent and treat child abuse and 2) To increase public awareness of child abuse and neglect.

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Grove Christian Outreach Center

Our mission is to maintain an outreach center in the Grove area of James City County in order to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the poor and disadvantaged in the community.

Grove Christian Outreach Center was established in February 2000 when Thomas McCormick, long-standing mail carrier for the Grove community, acted on a calling from God to help people he met on his daily rounds. Since then, the Center has grown to meet the daily needs of the community. There are approximately 1,400 households in Grove with over 3,400 residents. Our goal is to treat each person we serve with dignity and respect and to show the love of Christ while meeting practical, everyday needs.

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Habitat for Humanity Prince William County

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Our Neighborhood Revitalization program serves more families by engaging residents and other community partners to revive neighborhoods and make them safe, inviting places to live. Neighborhood Revitalization delivers an array of housing solutions such as repairing rundown homes with minor exterior repairs; providing critical home repairs that alleviate health, life and safety issues or housing code violations; rehabbing vacant and foreclosed homes to provide home ownership opportunities for low-income families; and improving the energy efficiency of homes through weatherization.

Habitat for Humanity believes in giving community members a hand up, not a hand out. We do this by partnering with low-income families who are in need, willing to provide sweat equity, and have the ability to repay a no- or low-interest mortgage or a portion of their home repair costs.

By providing Neighborhood Revitalization’s four primary services: Homeownership, Home Preservation, Critical Home Repair and Weatherization, we have helped more than 180 families achieve decent, safe and affordable housing since 1994.

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Hanover Education Foundation

The Hanover Education Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt 501 (c)(3) organization formed by citizens of Hanover County to provide our students with unparalleled educational opportunities and experiences by augmenting existing tax grant-based funds.

The HEF is a vital part of the educational endeavors of Hanover County Public Schools.  Join with us in supporting the work of our foundation to prepare our children to live and work productively in the 21st Century.  Your contribution is tax deductible.

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Heart of Virginia Council, Boy Scouts of America

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

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Henrico County Court Appointed Special Advocates

Henrico CASA is a nonprofit organization committed to advocating for the best interests of children involved in the Henrico County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court process. The Henrico CASA program recruits, screens, trains, and supervises volunteers dedicated to representing the needs of abused and neglected children, children in juvenile dependency proceedings, and children in need of services or supervision. The volunteers promote safe permanent homes for all children and seek to educate the community concerning the needs of abused and neglected children.

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Henrico Education Foundation

Created in 1992, the Henrico Education Foundation, Inc. (HEF) is an independent, nonprofit community-based organization providing the Henrico County Public School (HCPS) with additional educational programs, financial resources and support to increase student achievement and create innovation in the classroom.

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HERE2HEAR is an organization that provides a host of free and low cost services and programs related to hearing healthcare for children and adults in the Richmond and Tri-cities area. Our board include a variety of professionals in hearing healthcare and individuals in the community who serve voluntarily for one main cause. Our mission is to prevent poor hearing health by providing:

-educational services through seminars and written materials.
-hearing aids and devices for individuals who need assistance with their hearing who may not be able to afford them.
-resources for individuals in the local area.
-advocacy for individuals with hearing loss.
-improvements in hearing healthcare.
-local organizations with similar interests with support to enhance the overall goals of assisting the public with improved hearing and hearing health.

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Hitting Cancer Below the Belt

Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2) is dedicated to colorectal (colon and rectal) cancer prevention in our hometown of Richmond, VA, surrounding counties, and across the Commonwealth.  HCB2 provides community education, early detection services for the uninsured, and direct support services for patients and survivors. By hosting events and offering services, we are able to raise awareness, provide education, and raise funds for local efforts in cancer prevention.  Our vision is to build and bridge resources in an effort to create a community where  cancer is challenged to survive.

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Helping families and individuals experiencing homelessness secure & maintain a Home, Again.

In 2017,  HomeAgain served 770 individuals across 540 households including men, women, children, and veterans!

“With your help, HomeAgain is able to help end homelessness for over 500 households each year, getting them back on the road to stability. Safe, decent, and affordable housing does transform lives and boosts potential! It is difficult to be successful without it! Thank you for your support.” – Lorae D. Ponder, Executive Director

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Homeward serves as the regional voice on homelessness and related housing and human services for the Richmond region. As the regional planning and coordinating agency for homeless services, Homeward's mission is to prevent, reduce, and end homelessness by facilitating creative solutions through the collaboration, coordination, and cooperation of regional resources and services.

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Housing Families First

The mission of Housing Families First is to provide families experiencing homelessness the tools to achieve housing stability.  The goal is not only to assist families in finding permanent housing, but also to ensure that each family has access to the supportive services necessary to achieve long term housing stability.

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ILLUME Family Recovery, Inc.

The disease of addiction impacts the entire family and everyone close to the struggling loved one.  Not only does your loved one need help, so do you, even if you don’t realize it at the time. There are no guarantees for your loved one’s recovery, however family and friends can learn strategies to become their loved one's best chance for recovery.  Regardless of whether your loved one gets help, you and other family members need and deserve appropriate education, help and support in finding healthy ways to overcome the negative effects of the disease.  Our mission is to shine the light of love on family recovery. 

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Institute for Science, Tech, Engineering & Math

The Institute for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Inc. is a non-profit cultural organization those mission is to transform our culture by creating excitement for innovative young people to become involved with science, technology, engineering and math and inspire them to pursue careers in these fields while teaching them valuable life skills such as teamwork, project management, problem solving, communications and leadership.

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Jacob's AIM

Jacob's AIM was founded in 2018 as the National Self-esteem Project for Children with Physical Anomalies, when a group of caring individuals joined to establish a nonprofit organization that would offer programs to encourage strong foundations of positive self-awareness in children with disabilities or differences in appearance.

We sought to address the under-served aspects of the emotional and mental well-being of children with disabilities or differences, by creating a practical set of low-cost, yet, effective programs, that can be implemented by volunteers in local communities. These programs would commit to helping those susceptible to having lower self-esteem to be better capable of seeing themselves through a more positive perspective.

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JHW Foundation

The JHW Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation aimed at raising awareness about substance use disorders and addiction in young adults and supporting young adults in recovery.

The Foundation, named in honor of our son, John Henry Watkins, III, goal is to raise awareness and educate communities about the disease of addiction in young adults and to support programs that promote opportunities for lasting recovery.

We provide financial and technical assistance to collegiate recovery programs in Virginia; financial support to programs and organizations that provide quality care for substance use disorders and addiction and support to individuals to assist with gaps in insurance coverage for treatment and sober living housing.

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Junior Achievement of Central Virginia

We are empowering young people to own their economic success. Our volunteer-based K-12 programs foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy skills, and use experiential learning to inspire kids to dream big and reach their potential.

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Keep Prince William Beautiful

Keep Prince William Beautiful, Inc. is a non-profit environmental organization that serves Prince William County through partnering with residents, businesses and government to educate and inspire people to be environmental stewards and Keep Prince William Beautiful.

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Leadership Metro Richmond

Leadership Metro Richmond (LMR) is our region's community leadership development and engagement organization.  LMR began in 1980 to improve racial, gender, and socio-economic divides in our area's community leadership. Today over 2,000 diverse leaders have participated in our 10-month leadership development program, Leadership Quest. Our graduates mirror our region and include individuals who have been publicly recognized as key leaders in our area and leaders who quietly make significant impact in their communities.  We connect diverse leaders with one another and partner with organizations to create opportunities for community engagement.  LMR provides leaders with an environment for high-performing conversations, broadens their knowledge and perspectives about our region, and inspires them to serve unselfishly.

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Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

There are many ways for you to support Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden — through the Annual Fund, corporate sponsorship of an event or program, a charitable planned gift, or through a gift made in tribute to a friend or family member.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Lewis Ginter relies on charitable contributions from donors and members to achieve its mission of connecting plants and people to improve our community. Thank you for your continued support of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

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Liberation Veterans Services

We believe two words that should never go together are “veteran” and “homeless”.

We have one program and it is the same as our mission: to serve homeless veterans in crisis. Our program houses, feeds, clothes and rehabilitates 25 clients, all of them single male military veterans who are homeless. We operate a low demand program, meaning there are as few barriers as possible to gaining entry here. All of our clients have mental health and/or substance abuse issues which contribute to their homelessness problems.

Our program is different than others in the Greater Metro Richmond region because we focus on our clients as individuals and customize a rehabilitation program for them. Our talented case managers know all of their clients and work hard to help them help themselves through Relapse Prevention classes (we have a certified substance abuse prevention counselor on staff), Life Skills training, and Financial Literacy Skills classes provided twice monthly by SunTrust. With the bus stop right in front of our Hull Street facility, our clients can easily get to their medical appointments at McGuire VA Medical Center, only three miles away.

We envision a community where all veterans have a place to call home.

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Little Sisters of the Poor

As Little Sisters of the Poor, we welcome low-income elderly as we would Jesus Christ himself, regardless of race, religion, or national origin, and serve them with love and respect until God calls them home.

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Louisa Arts Center

The mission of the Louisa Arts Center is to stimulate awareness and appreciation of the arts through varying visual art exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, studio classes, workshops, and lectures, to entertain and enlighten; while strengthening diversity, interpretive ability and interactive creativity for both youth and adults. The aim is to broaden audience involvement and access and to improve the livelihood of artists and their opportunity to contribute to the community. By doing so the Louisa Arts Center makes the Town of Louisa and Louisa County a more appealing place to visit, locate a business, and call home.

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Love of Learning Inc.

Started by two local elementary school teachers, we're now a small, collaborative team of local educators, business leaders, and community members who are passionate about changing the world. Love of Learning’s dedicated team works across central Virginia to support our work investing in children’s literacy. Our team shares a common vision, a common set of values, and an unwavering commitment to standing with less fortunate families to help them improve their children’s literacy development. The Love of Learning team has a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets, but we share a common passion for changing the world. We work hard to accomplish our mission – but we insist on having fun while doing it!

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Maggie L. Walker Governor's School

Maggie Walker Governor’s School is fortunate to have a non-profit 501c3 created solely to support and enhance academic enrichment opportunities at Maggie Walker.  The Foundation directly underwrites things like academic competitions, student travel, as well as new technology, and student aid.  The Foundation also serves to keep our growing alumni connected to the school, its current students, and the RVA community.

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Maymont Foundation

Maymont is home to hundreds of animals including mighty black bears, iconic American bald eagles, playful river otters and friendly goats. Maymont’s animals require annual veterinary care, enrichment activities and habitat maintenance to stay healthy. This all adds up to an annual cost of $500,000. And boy, do they eat a lot! In fact, Monty the bobcat alone eats almost 300 pounds of meat each year. Many animals can be seen at the Maymont FarmNature Center and wildlife exhibits, and others are important members of the environmental education team, participating in public and school programs. Find out more about our Animal Appreciation Program for schools.

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Medical Society of Virginia Foundation

The MSV Foundation concentrates its efforts in several priority areas, developing cross-cutting, sustainable programs and initiatives.

MSVF equips physicians with the tools and resources they need to best serve themselves, their patients and the community at large – through physician leadership development programs like SYNC and evolve, health care workforce and wellness and health care quality improvement efforts. 

The MSV Foundation’s areas of focus

Advancing opportunities for the physician community to participate in health improvement efforts, with special effort to address the needs of the uninsured and underserved.

Building strategic relationships that significantly enhance efforts to address specific health issues in Virginia.

Supporting and providing educational programs for the health care community and the public that advance health and wellness in Virginia.

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Mission Gait

Mission Gait's mission is to empower the physical rehabilitation community, through education and research, to help patients with complex gait disabilities learn to move again with confidence.

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National D-Day Memorial Foundation

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation’s mission is to preserve the lessons and legacy of D-Day. The Foundation maintains and operates the National D-Day Memorial in direct support of that educational mission. In so doing, the Foundation (1) ensures the integrity and security of our nation’s memorial to the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of the Allied Forces on D-Day, 6 June 1944; (2) promotes recognition of the character traits undergirding the Allied effort on D-Day; and (3) sponsors commemorations, programs, projects, and exhibitions that foster appreciation of D-Day’s historical and residual significance.

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National Kidney Foundation Serving Virginia

The National Kidney Foundation is the leading organization in the U.S. dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, millions of patients and their families, and tens of millions of Americans at risk.

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Needle's Eye Ministries, Inc.

Connecting marketplace men and women to life-changing faith in Jesus – encouraging them to impact their workplaces and our community with His values, ethics, and love.

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NextUp RVA

NextUp is committed to providing Richmond middle school students with opportunities to continue their learning beyond the school day through a variety of high-quality, coordinated programs to ensure they are productive, engaged and having fun!

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Nolef Turns Inc.

Nolef Turns Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based in the Richmond, VA area. While our main focus is on job placement, self-employment and entrepreneurship encouragement, we are committed to helping reduce recidivism and crime by helping individuals with justice involvement with job search and training assistance, restoration of rights, voter education, education, housing transition, parenthood initiatives, healthcare initiatives, basic needs, and mentoring youth to prevent introduction to the juvenile justice system, among other areas in order to empower those with challenged backgrounds. We work with a multitude of organizations, small businesses, and community partners in order to be a bridge to those looking to turn their past into a positive. Nolef Turns Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or national and/or ethnic origin.

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Northstar Academy

At Northstar Academy, we promote educational excellence and career opportunities for students with disabilities who have academic, physical or social challenges.

With a strong spirit of community, we develop students with active, creative minds and encourage compassion and a respect and understanding for individual differences and for one another. We present our community of learners with a challenging educational environment, inspiring confident students who are willing to take intellectual risks and meet academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm, a willingness to solve problems and to make thoughtful decisions. Ultimately, we create an atmosphere that addresses the unique needs of our students in a changing society and culminates with their becoming active citizens and responsible stewards of our world.

Open Door Resource Center

Open Door Resource Center, Inc. is an innovative 501(c)(3) organization that is committed to serving those who have served our country in the armed forces, those currently serving, and their families. We assist our clients with meeting their holistic needs, including healthcare, education, Department of Veterans Affairs benefits, housing, and self-sufficiency.

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Operation Healing Forces

The mission of Operation Healing Forces (OHF) is to serve the needs of our active-duty and recent-veteran wounded, ill, and injured Special Operations Forces (SOF) and their spouses by starting or continuing the process of mentally, physically and emotionally healing in preparation to return to the fight or transition successfully into civilian life

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Paralyzed Veterans of America, Mid-Atlantic

The Paralyzed Veterans of America, Mid-Atlantic Chapter, is based on creating a positive and healthy transition for all newly injured Veterans with spinal cord injuries and disease, and supporting existing members live productive lives.

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Partnership for the Future

Partnership for the Future (PFF) helps motivated high school students with limited resources transition from high school to college and employment, so they can become successful, contributing members of our community.

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Pediatric Research & Advocacy Initiative (PRAI)

PRAI exists to spread awareness of neuroimmune disorders, advocate for patient care, and support data-driven research that will ultimately lead to effective treatments and cures for these disorders. To accomplish this, PRAI raises and deploys donations to educate physicians and clinicians, fund scientific studies, enable parents to contribute to the scientific process through registering information in data repositories for trend analysis and engaging in pilot projects through patient-centered research initiatives. PRAI’s dedicated personnel and volunteers are constantly engaging with medical practitioners, researchers, and legislators to make critical connections and share the latest information.

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Peter Paul Development Center

Peter Paul Development Center (PPDC) is an outreach and community center serving Church Hill and neighboring communities in Richmond’s East End. Founded in 1979, it is the oldest community-based agency continually serving Church Hill children and families. PPDC gives children a safe, consistent, structured, and loving environment in which to thrive, where staff and volunteers establish long-term relationships of trust and support for the children and their families. In addition to Youth Programs, PPDCs Community Programs are an integral part of life in Richmond’s East End.

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Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.™ is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings.

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Quill Theatre

The Quill Theatre's mission is to create theatre rooted in the genius of Shakespeare that provokes the mind and speaks to the soul.

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To offer and provide high school and college-age students the opportunity to help the less fortunate by paying for and assembling wheelchair ramps for those people who are in need and have qualified for financial assistance.

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Relationship Foundation of Virginia

Relationship Foundation of Virginia (RFVA) has a clear vision - to strengthen relationships for better families-and we do so by providing education, tools and exerpiences to our community.

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Resources for Independent Living Inc.

Our mission is to assist individuals with disabilities to live independently and to encourage community change to support options and opportunities. Toward that goal, we provide distinct and comprehensive, outcome-based services that support individuals with disabilities in our region.

There’s a saying that “if you’ve seen one CIL then you’ve seen one CIL.” Each CIL reflects the unique personality of its community and meets consumers where they’re at. Please refer to the Programs and Services tab for a complete listing of services offered at this center.

Resources for Independent Living Inc. serves persons with disabilities in the counties of Charles City, Dinwiddie, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, Powhatan, Prince George and the cities of Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Petersburg and Richmond. This catchment area is one of the largest in the state and includes over 1 million residents. The center operates out of its main office in Richmond and also has a satellite office in Petersburg. We are hopeful that at some point the Petersburg satellite will convert to a fully autonomous CIL. RIL belongs to the Virginia Association of Centers for Independent Living (VACIL), a statewide network of Centers for Independent Living.

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Richardsons Rescue

Our volunteers reach out to members of the community in need of help with stray and/or feral cat overpopulation due to abandonment and neglect.  We participate in Trap, Neuter, Return and pull as many cats or kittens we can with a good demeanor to rehome.  It takes a village because without the help of the veterinarians and clinics,  donations from the public, dedicated foster volunteers, and a caring community willing to adopt, we wouldn't be able to save so many lives.  Thank you for doing your part.  

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Richmond Animal League

The Richmond Animal League (RAL) is the area’s oldest non-profit “no-kill” organization committed to reducing the homeless pet population in the Richmond area. Founded in 1979, RAL provides temporary housing, medical treatment, sterilization, and quality care to over 1,700 companion animals each year until they are adopted into permanent and loving homes.

Please consider a donation to Richmond Animal League. As a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, we are dependent upon the generosity of people like you! All contributions go directly to providing care for our rescued animals.  Donations are tax deductible.

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Richmond Audubon Society

Richmond Audubon Society (RAS) was established in 1973, and is a chapter of the National Audubon Society. RAS is dedicated to the observation and conversation of birds and other wildlife. Our members participate in local conservation efforts, habitat restoration, and monitoring of applicable legislation. We have over 1400 members throughout Central Virginia, made up of a diverse group of people from various backgrounds, interests and birding experience levels. RAS is active in citizen science projects, education, and outreach to citizens from kids to seniors about birds, habitat and nature. RAS is also active in sharing information on environmental legislative issues and working to address global warming and protection of endangered species.

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Richmond Ballet

Richmond ballet's mission is to awaken and uplift the human spirit, both for audiences and artists.

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Richmond Community Toolbank

The Richmond Community ToolBank stewards an inventory of tools for lending to charitable organizations to increase the impact of their mission-related efforts in the community.

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Richmond Fisher House Foundation

The Richmond Fisher House Foundation was established on September 2, 2010, through the leadership of L. Holmes Ginn, IV, a Senior Vice President of BB&T Capital Markets and a combat veteran.   The foundation is a nonprofit corporation, organized in accordance with Sections 170(b)(1)(A) and 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and the Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act, Va. Code Section 13.1-801, et. seq.  The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and maintains audited financial statements.  It is a United Way accredited agency.

The mission of the Foundation is to provide monetary and in-kind support to the Richmond Fisher House and its mission.   Since its founding, the Foundation has devoted funds to pay for the cost of improvements at the Fisher House, as well as expanded facilities and services that are now available to the families and service members who depend on the Fisher House and the indispensable resource it provides.  Through funds provided by the Foundation, the leadership and staff of the Richmond Fisher House have obtained recreational and entertainment facilities and equipment, technology, transportation assistance, recreational opportunities, shopping options, and meals assistance, all for the benefit of the veterans’ families who are guests.

Each dollar donated to the Richmond Fisher House Foundation not only directly benefits the Richmond Fisher House and its facilities and programs, it also benefits the national Fisher House organization, and the U.S. Veterans Administration Hospitals, by lessening the need for support from those organizations.

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Richmond Justice Initiative

Our mission is to educate, equip and mobilize communities with the tools needed to be a force in the global movement to end human trafficking.  Richmond Justice Initiative (RJI) is a non-profit, faith-based organization that works locally and nationally to eradicate human trafficking through education, equipping communities with not only awareness, but ways to take action and affect change.  We are committed to protecting at-risk youth by educating them about human trafficking through our award-winning Prevention Project® program, and we further engage the rest of the community through speaking engagements, in-depth trainings, and prayer. RJI is wholly supported through the voluntary generosity of individuals, churches and businesses.

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Richmond Performing Arts Alliance

Richmond Performing Arts Alliance is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide diverse local and world-class performing arts, transformative arts education experiences for students of all ages, and inspirational venues—all to strengthen the cultural and economic vitality of Greater Richmond Region.

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Richmond SPCA

At all times and in every way, we are advocates for animals. We provide for their safety and comfort, strive to alleviate their suffering and work to place them in homes that provide a responsible lifetime commitment to them. We speak out publicly to promote and defend their interests. We oppose all forms of animal cruelty.

We promote spaying and neutering to achieve and retain a no-kill community. We oppose any taking of the lives of healthy or treatable animals and do not participate in such conduct ourselves. We provide services that promote responsible pet ownership and humane attitudes toward all life. 

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Richmond Symphony Orchestra League

Serving Richmond since 1958, the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League (RSOL) is a membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating a volunteer base to support the Richmond Symphony through fundraising, education and community involvement. The Richmond Symphony Orchestra League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization. The RSOL was formed in 1958 as the Women’s Committee of the Richmond Symphony, as an all ladies organization. The organization voted, in 1993, to change its name to the Richmond Symphony Orchestra League, Inc. (RSOL), opening its membership to both men and women. The membership now stands at 175 and growing. The group is dedicated to supporting, assisting and encouraging the growth and development of the Richmond Symphony. To accomplish this goal, the RSOL has developed a variety of programs and activities to stimulate interest in and appreciation of the Symphony and its music among diverse audiences as well as to provide opportunities for fundraising on behalf of the Symphony.

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Riverside School

Riverside School is an independent day school located in Richmond, VA dedicated to providing a teaching approach designed to meet the educational needs of students in grades K-8 with dyslexia and similar language-based differences. Small classes, individualized curriculum, one-on-one instruction, and a nurturing environment are all hallmarks of Riverside School. 

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Rx Partnership (Rx Drug Access Partnership)

Rx Partnership is a public/private partnership which exists to increase access to medication for Virginia’s vulnerable populations and serve as a resource to the organizations that support these populations.

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Shalom Farms

Our mission is to work with communities to ensure access to healthy food and the support to lead healthy lives.

We believe everyone should have good food-- food that is good for our bodies, good for the environment, and good for our communities. However, thousands in Richmond lack access to healthy food. Many people also lack the tools and resources to cook it, eat it, and share it. Through sustainable agriculture and hands-on experiences, Shalom Farms works with communities to ensure access to healthy food, and the support to lead healthy lives.

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Sheltering Arms Foundation

Since 1889, patients and their families have come to Sheltering Arms looking for hope and healing, often following very difficult life events that are physically, emotionally and financially overwhelming. Sheltering Arms is the type of organization that exists to help people regardless of their situation. The courageous idea of our founder, Rebekah Peterkin, as well as the support of our community, have allowed Sheltering Arms to keep that promise as we provide a full continuum of rehabilitative care and wellness services and help people find the Power to Overcome.

Generosity, compassion and a commitment to excellence have kept us going for 125 years. Now more than ever, we are excited to launch the next 125 years with renewed zeal to push the boundaries of rehabilitative technology and life-changing innovations. We are dedicated to expanding educational opportunities for our staff of physicians, therapists and nurses, while conducting more groundbreaking research to achieve even greater success with the patients we serve.

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From the very beginning, we at SOAR365 have been practical dreamers. We refused to accept the accepted way of doing things.

Our programs and services have always been designed for individuals and families who are coping with the daily real world challenges of living with a disability. To that end, we’ve continually added more ambitious and thoughtful programs over the past 65 years. And today our services have a profound impact on more than 1,300 people and their families.

We’ve also created a thriving Business Solutions division where 80% of individuals have a disability. We do a wide variety of work—from janitorial to digital imaging—for customers that include the U.S. Government, the Commonwealth of Virginia, huge corporations, and smaller local companies. The funds generated from Business Solutions fund a great deal of the work we do here. The rest comes from generous donors. 

Everyone who works or volunteers here shares this simple belief: When someone comes through our doors—whether they’re newborn babies, teens, adults or seniors—we work hard to understand their needs, desires, dreams and goals. We find ways to provide every individual and his or family the comprehensive services that work best. 

So far, our commitment has worked out great for so many people. But we’re always looking for ways to do more. Join us. And we can go higher… together.

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The School of Performing Arts in the Richmond Community's mission is to profoundly influence young people’s lives through exceptional performing arts education.

Testimonials and research prove that SPARC’s programs are profoundly important in the lives of young people. Every SPARC program is planned, executed, and evaluated with extraordinarily high standards for quality. SPARC’s faculty and program leaders are among the top talents in their fields; they use their experience and professionalism in forming life-changing, long-term, positive relationships with SPARC’s students. Young people participating in SPARC’s programs cite these programs as profoundly influencing their lives — their confidence, their social skills, their sense of safety and acceptance, their influence on others, their poise and professionalism, and even their chosen careers. “SPARC saved my life” is heard so frequently that it no longer seems surprising.

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Special Olympics Virginia

The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

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Our mission is to create opportunities and transform the lives of individuals with physical and visual disabilities through sport.

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Sports Backers

During the past 25 years, Sports Backers, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has developed programs and events that are designed to inspire people from all corners of our community to live actively.  We achieve this work by focusing on a network of collaborative partnerships with other organizations, businesses, local governments and faith based institutions.  In order to have transformational change, we realize we can’t do it all alone, but rather we work to build a movement of change in our community to make active living the easy choice.

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St. James's Children's Center

We love. We teach. We nourish. We explore. The heart of our mission is a deep and abiding love and respect for each of the 70 children we serve.  We believe that all children deserve the highest quality childhood.

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St. Joseph's Villa

St. Joseph’s Villa is a non-sectarian 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and youth reach their potential.

We create brighter futures for children of all socioeconomic backgrounds faced with developmental disabilities, diverse learning styles, mental health issues, homelessness and other challenges.

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STORY (Southside Transformation Opportunities for Residents and Youth) is the new nonprofit established by the Hopewell Redevelopment and Housing Authority.  It will operate all of its previous program targeted at low-income residents and expand its service area into the Southside region of Virginia.  Its focus will be on educational programs and outcomes for youth and holistic programming that restores hope for adults.

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As long as half of the U.S. population doesn’t know how to swim, as long we remember that obstacles are only a matter of perception, and as long as there are good swimmers with the passion to become better ones, we’ll be here. Making water safety and aquatic fitness accessible and inclusive for all.

Our mission as a non-profit is to elevate aquatics across the Richmond region.

And we do that with programs designed to empower every kind of swimmer, now and for life.

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The Doorways

Experiencing a medical crisis is hard enough. Dealing with it away from home can make it even harder.

That’s why we do what we do.

The Doorways provides a healing, emotionally supportive environment for those who need to be close to the hospital but not far from the feeling of “home.” 

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The First Tee of Greater Richmond

Our mission is to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.

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The James House Intervention/Prevention Services

We offer cost-free, confidential help for people affected by sexual violence, domestic violence, and stalking in the Greater Tri-Cities Region of Virginia.

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The Jeremiah Foundation, Inc.

Robin's Hope seeks to help those impacted by traumatic events heal and build resilience. Utilizing both counselors and peer specialists, Robin's Hope offers groups, education, and one on one support in a safe and supportive environment.

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The Valentine

The Valentine has been collecting, preserving and interpreting Richmond’s 400-year history for over a century. Located in the heart of historic downtown, the Valentine is a place for residents and tourists to discover the diverse stories that tell the broader history of this important region.

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Together for Tanzania

Beginning its ministry in Tanzania in late 2008, Together for Tanzania became a non-profit organization in January 2010 and received 501(c)(3) status in spring of 2010. But the seed of this organization was planted in 1956 when God called Jeanette Baker (Brannan) to be a missionary in Africa. At age 13, Jeanette took the call seriously and remained obedient to that call through the first part of her senior year in high school., marriage, family, divorce and remarriage. Through the peaks and valleys of her life choices and walk with the Lord, Jeanette always felt the tug of that call to Africa. At age 64, Jeanette was given a second chance. A mission trip to Tanzania in 2008 changed her life and eventually changed the lives of many children and adults in Tanzania. Upon her return from that first trip, Jeanette realized that God had other plans besides an annual trip to Tanzania. Putting just the right people before her and opening up doors never imagined, God led Jeanette and her husband Mel to form an organization that would provide educational, medical and missional support to thousands of children and adults in Tanzania.

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UMFS is a nonprofit agency that provides a comprehensive array of programs to meet the needs of high-risk children and parents to enable them to overcome challenging circumstances and succeed. A national leader in helping children, we also proactively identify unmet social service needs throughout Virginia and develop appropriate partnerships to address them.

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VA Assoc. of Soil & Water Conservation Districts

The Virginia Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts and its Educational Foundation is to provide and promote leadership in the conservation of natural resources through stewardship and education programs. Flagship programs include the Dominion Virginia Envirothon, a team based natural resources competition for high school students and Youth Conservation Camp, an immersion into natural resource, conservation, environmental and agriculture topics on the campus of Virginia Tech led by career professionals and faculty. Experiential, hands-on and outdoor learning is fundamental to foundation education programs that provide a meaningful watershed education experience.


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VA Deer Hunters Educational and Habitat Foundation

The Virginia Deer Hunters Association, (VDHA), a volunteer, statewide, non-profit organization founded in 1985, is dedicated to responsible management of Whitetail deer as a valuable resource. VDHA serves as "the voice" of deer hunters while protecting the rights and traditions of deer hunting.

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VA Pharmacists Assoc. Research & Educ. Foundation

The Virginia Pharmacists Association Research & Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was incorporated in 1980. The Foundation’s mission is to:

  1. To promote health and wellness through development of pharmacist-provided patient care services; and
  2. To encourage, provide for, and engage in research, education, and the advancement of the profession of pharmacy.

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VCU Massey Cancer Center

VCU Massey Cancer Center is among the top 4 percent of cancer centers in the country and is one of two in the state designated by the National Cancer Institute to lead and shape America’s cancer research efforts. Founded in 1974, Massey is dedicated to discovering, developing, delivering and teaching effective means to prevent, detect, treat and cure cancer through innovative research, patient care and education.

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Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation

Our Mission  

VBCF is a statewide, Richmond-based nonprofit committed to the eradication of breast cancer through education and advocacy.

Our Goals

Establish the eradication of breast cancer as a state and national priority; Advocate for the collective needs of people affected by breast cancer; Educate all Virginians on the facts about breast cancer. 

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Virginia Capital Trail Foundation

The Virginia Capital Trail Foundation (VCTF) is a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) organization, with a mission to enhance, promote, and advocate for the continued development of the Virginia Capital Trail, a 52-mile dedicated multi-use trail connecting Richmond and Williamsburg along the beautiful and historic Route 5 corridor.

To make the Trail the world-class attraction it should be, the Foundation raises money to promote it within the region, the state, and the nation through partnerships and larger trail affiliations. The VCTF is also charged with enhancing the Trail by providing signs, trailheads, benches, and other amenities to make the trail experience safe, educational, and—most importantly—unforgettable.

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Virginia Civics

VA Civics sponsors the We the People: the Citizen and the Constitution program in Virginia. In supporting the program, VA Civics provides professional development opportunities for teachers based on the WTP curriculum, teaching resources, classroom support, and runs the annual regional and state WTP competitions.

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Virginia Council on Economic Education

VCEE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization operating in Virginia since 1970.

Our mission is simple: to provide Virginia’s K-12 students with the economic knowledge and financial skills needed to thrive in our dynamic economy.

Advocate/resource for:

  • Required high school course in economics and personal finance
  • Inclusion of key economic concepts at each grade level K-12
  • Teachers, school divisions, local and state governments

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Virginia Dental Association Foundation

The VDA Foundation is passionate about dental care and oral health because they profoundly affect the well-being and quality of life of individuals and communities. However, for many people, financial realities leave them with no hope of securing care. That is why our Foundation exists — to help underserved Virginians get the dental services they need. As the charitable and outreach arm of the Virginia Dental Association, the Virginia Dental Association Foundation (VDAF) garners the resources of dental professionals and the community at large to offer programs that serve over 7,500 people annually.

Oral health influences all aspects of our lives -- overall health, appearance, and even employment. Studies repeatedly show that poor oral health and diseases of the mouth can lead to other serious concerns, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, thousands of people experience pain, difficulty chewing, low self-esteem and other complications resulting from oral disease, simply because they lack resources to access dental care. Founded in 1996, the VDAF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides access to dental care for underserved Virginians. It accomplishes this mission through its three nationally-recognized programs -- Mission of Mercy, Donated Dental Services, and Give Kids A Smile.

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Virginia Health Care Foundation

Healthy people and healthy communities are at the heart of the Virginia Health Care Foundation’s vision for Virginia.

VHCF is grateful for the generosity of its many corporate, foundation and individual supporters who share this vision and whose support has helped more than one million uninsured and medically underserved Virginians lead healthier, more productive, and independent lives.

Thanks to VHCF donors, we have been able to respond quickly to the changing health care landscape. The result has been a variety of innovative initiatives and highly successful collaborations, the benefits of which are being felt every day by Virginians of all ages, in all parts of the state.

VHCF’s focus on efficient use of resources ensures that our programs – and our donors’ investments – will have lasting, far-reaching impacts. Since its inception, VHCF has leveraged an average of more than $11 in cash, health services, and other in-kind contributions for each dollar spent. Few other organizations or investments can show such an astounding return.

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Virginia League for Planned Parenthood

The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood's mission is to ensure that individuals and families have the freedom, information, and ability to make their own informed reproductive choices. We believe that each individual has a basic right to control their reproductive life. Individual control will lead to a better quality of life and stronger families and communities. Reproductive health decisions must be voluntary and private.

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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Foundation

At the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, we believe that great art should be shared. 

Our permanent collection is free and our doors are open 365 days a year. Through our statewide partnerships and digital outreach, we strive to bring art experiences to every corner of the commonwealth.

You can help give Virginia another 365 days of great art by making a gift to VMFA. More than simply keeping our doors open, your gift will animate every aspect of the museum’s mission to preserve, collect and share the magnificent works of art under our care.

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Virginia Repertory Theatre

Virginia Repertory Theatre is a nonprofit, professional theatre company and the result of the 2012 merger of Barksdale Theatre and Theatre IV.  Virginia Rep is the largest professional theatre and one of the largest performing arts organizations in Central Virginia. We are dedicated to the development and production of new plays, and we seek outside producing collaboration to insure the play has a life beyond its development and production at Virginia Rep.

For over 60 years, Virginia Rep has served Virginia’s adults, children, families and schools and contributed to the cultural, educational, and economic life of our city and region.

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Virginia Veterans Services Foundation

The Veterans Services Foundation is an independent state agency that supports veterans and their families through the Virginia Department of Veterans Services' (DVS) programs and services.

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Virginia War Memorial Foundation

The Virginia War Memorial depends on the generosity of corporations, businesses, military and veteran organizations, civic groups, other foundations, and most especially, individuals like you to fulfill its mission to Honor Veterans, Preserve History, Educate Youth and Inspire Patriotism in All.

Chartered in 2000, the Virginia War Memorial Foundation (VWMF) is the 501 (c) (3) corporation that finances all of the educational and patriotic programs, historic exhibits, documentary films, and student-teacher outreach of the Memorial.

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VirginiaNavigator, a statewide public/private non-profit, provides community support information and guidance to individuals, families, and caregivers across Virginia including older adults, people with disabilities, and veterans — supporting independence, dignity and quality of life by providing access to vital services.  VirginiaNavigator’s family of websites (;; offer a unique combination of technology and traditional one-on-one personal contact:

  • An easy-to-search resource directory of 26,300+ programs and services;
  • 1,075+ articles that educate and help guide consumers;
  • 765+ links to content-specific websites and resources;
  • Features such as Ask an Expert, Community Calendar, and Editor’s Pick articles on our home pages; and
  • 742 grassroots "Navigator Centers" developed through partnerships with libraries, senior centers, hospitals, and faith communities – serving as community access points for all Virginians.

Leveraging the use of websites, coupled with our on-the-ground resources consisting of Navigator Centers and Community Specialists, Virginians turn to us over 1.5 million times annually.

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Visual Arts Center of Richmond

The Visual Arts Center of Richmond (VisArts) has helped adults and children explore their creativity and make art since 1963. Each year, the organization touches the lives of more than 33,000 people through its classes, exhibitions, community outreach programs, camps, workshops and special events.

Founded in Church Hill as the Hand Workshop, the organization moved to the historic Virginia Dairy building at 1812 West Main Street, where it leased space for 17 years before purchasing and later renovating the building. Completed in 2007, the renovation transformed the facility into an inviting and inspiring 30,000-square-foot arts center, which includes the 1,800-square-foot True F. Luck Gallery. The gallery’s focus is on materials and processes of contemporary artists.

Each year, VisArts offers more than 800 visual and creative arts classes in clay, wood, fiber, painting, photography, printmaking, glass, metal, drawing, writing, decorative arts and other visual media. More than 125 instructors teach for the organization.

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VPM is committed to fulfilling the promise of public broadcasting by using the power of media to enrich the human spirit and make our community a better place. We partner with many organizations, using our media to amplify their missions. Together we help foster a community that is vibrant in the arts, understands and learns from its past, inspires curiosity in the world around us and lifelong learning for all ages, whose citizens are informed, open-minded and engaged and whose children are put on a path for success in school and life.

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YMCA of Greater Richmond

We know that lasting personal and social change comes about when we all work together. That’s why at the Y, strengthening community is our cause.  Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. 

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YWCA Richmond

We are on a mission to empower women, children, and their families to live their best lives. 


Dominion Energy Charity Classic

The Country Club of Virginia, James River Course
Richmond, Virginia
United States